As a sculptor I am interested in the human being, especially in his body and gestures. I am fascinated by people’s behavior and reactions. My sculptures are like processed images from reality, and to some extent they tell stories. When an idea comes to my mind and eventually takes shape, I sculpt in clay and then it is transformed into gypsum.

As a self-taught artist I am sensitive to proper technique. Before I start a new work, I think how I should make it. I do not sketch but immediately make models in clay. My work is decorated with quartz slipware and pigments then are glazed.

My sculptures relate to classic sculptural forms. One can see busts, torsos, and heads laden with symbolic meaning - sometimes with an undertone of surrealism. My ally is experience and observation. Mankind inspires me, actually the differences and similarities of relationships between people.

(#3483 MZY) The Jumper, Ceramic, glazes aand steel,21x16.5x12, 7:8 2016, $5,400(Birnbaum:Lee).jpg