Pearl has been making art her whole life – from the moment she could hold a pencil, she has been drawing. She began working with glass ten years ago at Alfred University, where she graduated in 1998 with a concentration in Glass Art and Oil Painting and minored in English. Since graduation, Pearl has traveled across the country, working in glass studios in OR, WA, PA, CT and NY. She settled in Portland, OR in 1999 and quickly became an active participant in the art scene, showing in numerous solo, group and collaborative art events and gallery openings, all the while, honing her technical skills as a production glassblower.

Pearl’s time in Portland was an integral part of her growth as a professional artist, but she began to feel the draw of new horizons and in 2003, relocated to Chicago, IL. Within one month of arriving in Chicago, Pearl started teaching glassblowing classes at Chicago Hot Glass, a privately-owned, public-access glass studio, which, at the time, was the only studio of its kind in Chicago. She now teaches glassblowing at Chicago Hot Glass and Making Glass Studios in Highland Park and is involved in internship programs for glassblowing through the School of the Art Institute, the Roycemore School, and the Northshore Country Day School.

For the past two years, Pearl has been doing her part to increase awareness of glass as the medium for true artistic pursuit by showing her glass sculpture and installation pieces in public spheres as well as in private gallery showings. Currently, Pearl lives and works in Chicago, but she continues to show her work around the country.