When people first view my work, I’m often told they feel a certain aliveness inherent in the work itself. My goal as an artist is to inject life into whatever I can make. In simple terms to make the piece come alive.

Each piece is hand cast from molten glass in a spectacular process of heat and light. The energy of this ‘Dangerous Dance of Creation’ reflects in the finished work.

In the end, the work has a quality of timelessness reflecting both ancient and modern. They celebrate the unique properties of glass, of transparency, and shine and reflection. And because these are cast objects, they hold in their form the memory of the shapes and textures of the materials that formed them;
they are fine-grained, rugged or smooth, transparent or translucent, colored or clear.

When I cast the sculptures I include in them relics of modern life, interesting objects that have been cast away, industrial waste items that seem to unite present and past. In the end, the completed piece transcends the sensibility of mere time.